Our Staff

Our teachers are young and energetic. All have mastered the fine art of encouraging each student to be all he can be. Every faculty member’s number one priority is to enable the individual Talmid to derive the fullest possible benefit from his yeshiva stay.

When choosing staff at HaMesivta, we take great care to only hire staff that are aligned with our core values:

  • Believe that every student wants to succeed and wants to do well.
  • Respect every student as they are without judgment.
  • Accept every student for who they are.
  • Act with humility.
  • Have a genuine love for Torah.
  • Be able to role model a love for Mitzvos.


Meet the staff:

  Rabbi Moshe Lieblich | Menahel


 Rabbi Motti Perlow | Magid Shiur


 Rabbi Avraham Stroh | Magid Shiur


 Rabbi Zev Gayer | Magid Shiur